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"Gradually, you’re welcomed into the world of Torquem and it’s a pretty wonderland filled with experiences, extended periods of suspense, gratitude, sorrow and a sense of belonging."

"Torquem do great job on their debut album mixing dreamy aerial static post rock sound with more energetic, angular math rock framed compositions, filling their internal space with jazzy improvisations. Add few darker Magma-zeuhl touches (as any French jazz-rock band Torguem know their roots well), some politically-coloured speaking voces (on Hemligheter),female folklore choral (on Flimreh) and you get it - vibrant and non-boring modern chamber post jazz-rock album (probably more EP - less than 30 minutes of music)."

"Nos trois compères développent à travers cet éclectique album à la beauté glacée, un univers très personnel et singulier, où se côtoient sonorités post-rock et effluves jazzy."

"Ansiktet is a perfect union of old and new sounds that makes time stand still while you listen. It’s a flashback and a projection of time happening simultaneously and then colliding into a colorful array of sounds."

"this contains something that you do not come across a lot ; Actual music !"

"It is post-rock that is at times so subverted to such an extent that it doesn’t even feel like post-rock."

Torquem was created in 2011 by Fabien Lobleau, Nicolas Goussot, and Benjamin Vergès in Paris, France. March 2013, the band released their debut album Ansiktet, first act of a trilogy to come.

Benjamin Vergès